Saturday, January 19, 2013

Week Three Complete

This week was the final week to the District 29 Merit Badge Super Pow Wow.  As always a huge Thank You goes out to all our counselors who made this possible. Many have asked about the blue merit badge cards for scouts.  Each scout was given cards during the second week of the event.  Each scout was responsible to bring their cards back and have counselors sign off either partial or completed merit badges.  If you scout has merit badges to complete they can contact the counselor from the Pow Wow or have a counselor available to their troop sign it off.  The District was excited about this years event and how well things came together.  We are already looking forward to next years Pow Wow which will be even bigger and better since the merging of two Districts.  Next years Super Nuclear Pow Wow will be even bigger and better, simply because that is how we do it. We'll see you at next years Pow Wow in January and the upcoming Awards Banquet for the District.


District 29 Staff

Monday, January 7, 2013

Week One of the SUPER Pow Wow

Week one of the Super Pow Wow was SUPER.  Thank you to all the counselors that have been involved with this years event.  There were near 500 scouts that attended week one of the event.  For those participating we are continually updating information on the the Class Materials & Counselor information page of the blog. Also following the Pow Wow we will provide a merit badge counselor list for contacting the counselors following the event. 

We have had a number of individuals that were not able to come to week one of the event, ask about coming for week two and three.  Although we don't want to turn any scouts away, be aware that a scout most likely won't be able to finish the merit badge if he didn't attend all three weeks. We will do our best to accomodate scouts but cannot guarantee your being able to attend any class if you have not previously been register for a class.

We are looking forward to week two. We will have photos of the event available soon.