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Merit Badge Counselors for the 2013 Super Pow Wow are listed below including an email address.  Any scout needing to complete a merit badge can contact the counselor from the Pow Wow or if they have a counselor available from their own troop it can be finalize there.

Boys should have their own merit badge cards.  They were handed out at the Pow Wow and scouts had the responsibility to see that cards were signed.

Special Thanks to ALL our counselors for the fabulous job in making this years Pow Wow a huge success again. THANK YOU!!!!

Art: Eden Griffith -

Astronomy: Jared Johnson -

Aviation: Rob Schmidt -

Chemistry: Chris Lewis -

Chess: Mark Kirkham -

Citizenship in the Community: Chris Wells 

  • Merit Badge worksheet from
  • If your Scout attended all three Pow Wow sessions for Citizenship in the Commuity, they will have completed all the requirements for this merit badge except for two. They will need to do eight hours of service and attend a City Council meeting. Once they have done both of those, they can contact me (Chris Wells) at 801-403-9618 or and I can sign their blue card for them.
Citizenship in the Nation: Shirley King - - 801.604.0017

Citizenship in the World: Stephen Walker -

Communications: Jacob Moon -

Computers: Mike Tomer -

Dentistry: Sam Richey -

Disability Awareness: Laine Sabey -

Emergency Preparedness

  Reed Barney -
  Dave Bradstreet -

Family Life: Wade Mitchell -

First Aid: Mike White -

Genealogy: Tonya Hoffman -

  • Merit Badge worksheet from
  • The Genealogy Merit Badge Book section "Gathering Information From Records and Other Sources" pages 19-35. This section will be available here on Tuesday January 8th.
  • Parent Handout for January 12th Activity following the Pow Wow at Family History Center in Riverton - Parents Handout (PDF)
Law: Judie Imlay -
  • Merit Badge worksheet from
  • Homework Week 1: Talk with five individuals (only one immediate family member) about the role of law enforcement officers in your society. Discuss their answers with the counselor.
Personal Management
   Jay Black -
   Dave Webb -

Photography: J Ralls -

Radio: Herriman City Radio Club - Lance Buttars -

Scholarship & Pets: Bev Griffith -

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